Geri Advantage

Geri Advantage

Gerisolutions Offer solutions tailored to an organization’s Network Requirements and Business Objectives

Gerisolutions aligns its services portfolio to an organization after a systematic study on the existing system to clearly understand the criticality of each process. Network dependent processes are prioritized in such a way that it doesn’t hinder any existing process or business flow. The network dependencies and business objectives and goals of the organization are made the underlying keystones in the delivering the set of services. In doing so, we deliver after a thorough understanding of your needs with our effective 24 x 7 support services .

Ours is a proactive service, where we gather your requirements on issues related to network performance. Our skilled staff will constantly check on network functioning, notify you about product updates and advise you on how best you can optimize network performance. Pool of engineers with Industry Standard Certifications

Expertise and experience being the core competency of Gerisolutions and the fact that engineers with expertise are not readily available in the market, has led Gerisolutions to develop a systematic and procedural training. As a result, we have extracted and followed the best practices in developing such skill sets. The world class exposure and the working environment have made Gerisolutions blessed with a pool of Engineers with Industry Standard Certifications. The availability of the skill sets in existing and emerging technologies factor a lot in the Global Delivery Model of Gerisolutions, which will in turn have a positive direct effect on the customers.

State of the art LAB together with its equipments render high quality simulated environments in developing new skill sets for the Industry. The training activity within Gerisolutions is a process by itself evolved from its expertise earned from the momentum gained from the last 2 years.

Gerisolutions helps to:
• Gerisolutions’s Global Delivery Model of us unparalleled execution capabilities all across the world.
• To Manage, Monitor and Support Managed Converged Networks.
• To remotely manage networks in organizations and / or their premises.
• To actively participate in implementations and hence management through strategic partnerships.