SAP Upgrades

SAP Upgrades

Today’s organizations are facing unprecedented and multifarious challenges: Increased competition, globalization, and regulations are driving organizations to continuously seek new solutions that can improve their business performance.

By upgrading to SAP ERP, you can improve business processes, leverage existing IT assets, and boost productivity and profitability. You can also better manage a cost-effective and low-risk upgrade project, optimize returns on your IT investments, and achieve a smooth transition to a new solution environment.

Our consultants can work with you to upgrade your IT landscape to SAP ERP – so that you can effectively perform five challenging business functions:

• Optimize value propositions and define business cases
• Estimate cost and effort
• Define and allocate project and team resources
• Mitigate Risk and Verify Quality
• Accessing the resources and skills for realizing upgrades
How Does SAP Services Deliver Value?

When you work with our consultants to realize your upgrade to SAP ERP, your organization can gain four business-critical competitive advantages:
• New and enhanced business processes

– Gain improved functionality in providing financial, human capital management (HCM), sales, procurement, and corporate services, and with this, industry-specific capabilities that enable the flexible adoption of required processes – when and as needed.
• An adaptive solution architecture

– Innovate and adapt to meet future competitor, market, and internal demands with greater speed and for lower cost, with a solution built on the SAP NetWeaver platform and service-oriented architecture (SOA)
• Effective consulting and services partnerships

– Collaborate with SAP and its partners, gaining access to our expert guidance, packaged services, and highly trained consultants who can effectively plan and efficiently execute the most appropriate upgrade required.
• Cost-effective, low-risk upgrades

– Reduce the risk of an SAP ERP upgrade and simplify its implementation via the comprehensive services, tools, and content – as well as the proven upgrade paths and methodologies – that SAP provides.